My 2019 goals.

I can't quite believe i'm saying this but, Happy New year everyone! It baffles me with how quickly 2018 went and how quick Christmas went by too. I thought i'd write a blog post about my 2019 goals that i'd like to reach by  2020. Hit 2k on Instagram. To some, hitting 2,000 followers on Instagram isn't a lot because it's not a 'big' number but to me that would be a … Continue reading My 2019 goals.


25 days with Pick ‘N’ Melt.

If you follow me Instagram you will know that i took a photo every day up until the big day of the Pick 'N' Mix advent calendar they kindly gifted me. I absolutely loved this years advent calendar. The packaging was so so stunning and it took me back to when i was a little … Continue reading 25 days with Pick ‘N’ Melt.